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Import from the same folder

I have a series of SVG files saved in a folder ready for importing to Videoscribe, but every time I import, I have to go and look for the folder. Is there a way that I can set to import from the same folder every time?

For the meantime I've transferred my folder to my desktop for easier access.

Hi Miko,

VideoScribe will remember the last folder that you imported a picture from so if all of your images are in the same folder you should be able to easily import them.


Hi Andy, thank you for you reply, but my copy of Videoscribe doesn't do that. I've attached a screenshot to illustrate what happens when I click on the folder icon. 

It goes there, and I can't even click on the back arrow to go back to the folder the file came from.

Hi Miko,

Could you tell me what happens if you click on the 'cancel' button?


HI Andy, it just goes back to the Videoscribe image menu.

Hi Miko,

VideoScribe does normally remember the last folder you selected item from per session.

For example, if I went to import an image file from a specific folder it will remember this folder location.

If I then went to select my own music from the soundtrack option, it will remember that the last folder I went into

e.g. the images location.

If you cancel a folder location, it will not remember the cancelled location.

I have tested this on both a Mac and PC and they are consistent in both environments.

If VideoScribe is not behaving as described about, we may need to to raise a ticket and get a screen capture across to us. If you need to raise a ticket,

Please use this link -

Thanks, Joe


My Videoscribe never remembers the same folder. Always desktop

Hi NFP Austin,

sorry that you are having this problem- if you would like someone to take a look at it for you please raise a support ticket (see the link in Joe's post above) and include any screen shots or screen capture videos that you can.

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