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Moving effects


I'm working on a moving effect with a clock in order to the clockwise. So I use the same clock's picture however when then clock morphs , it morphs as if it was another picture. I would like to know if it is possible to make this animation properly or not please or if I missed an information during the tutorial.

Thank you very much.

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There are clocks with no hands in the library, you could use one of those and then add the hands separately and morph the hands -- would that give you the effect that you are after?


Hi ,

Thanks for answering.  I found clocks without hands , but I didn't find hands. I looking for handles and I'll tell if it works. Thank you


It works well with the clock with no hands, thank you.


I am trying to make the same animation but one hand keeps flipping around as it's morphing into the other one!!! (I am using standard arrows as hands). I deleted it and copy/pasted another and it's still doing it T.T any ideas how to fix it?? I'm totally stumped


It is probably due to the rotation level on the image in question but it's hard to be sure without seeing the scribe. Can you export it and attach it to the forum so we can take a look? I have attached an example I have mocked up in the hope seeing one that works will help.


Hi Barry,

You were right!!! For some reason I had some arrows on a positive angle and some on a negative angle. Thanks so much :)

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