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Hello, I'm trying to create chalkboard tutorials with algebra and calculations - just like I might do live on the blackboard. I've tried codecogs but they seem to generate spurious hand movements. I've also tried Inkscape text but this comes in as an unformatted bunch of characters. The Sparkol Education:Math library is rather sparse and over-embellished for the content I need (a little calculus and some Greek symbols). Am I doing something wrong or expecting too much? Any advice?


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Hi Peter,

If you get that issue when drawing that file then you could give it a draw time of zero so that it just appears on the canvas or make it a 'move in'.

As an alternative I took the svg and opened it in Serif Draw Plus and saved it to another file and it then drew fine. There is a free version of Draw Plus available so you might want to try that.

There are several packages out there that do this type of equation generation, some are free like Codecogs and some are not.


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