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Memory>Checking: How to check Sparkol's Memory Usage

I had a troublesome ,scribe that would not render.  While I'd seen references that said rendering issues are often connected to memory issues, I had no clue as to how to determine if this was my problem. 

I know the answer was in a variety of places.  But, I didn't find it until support told me how to check memory by opening up Task Manager and finding the VideoScribe application ("VideoScribeDe...").

As can be seen in the sample image, my .scribe pushed the memory usage to about 1.3GB.  Apparently, at least for now, a preferred size is under 1.1GB.  

Knowing this allows us to work on our zoom levels (Keep near 100% per view) and imported image sizes to reduce the memory requirements for better results.

To check out this strategy enter "Memory>" in the search box.  Notice that it not only finds "Memory>" in the title; but, in the body of messages as well.  More importantly, it ONLY finds posts having "Memory>" rather than hundreds of messages simply referring to memory randomly.


Hi Tom,

The next version of VideoScribe (version 2.0.2) will be more memory efficient which will help too.



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