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how long do images remain in library?

I've downloaded images from my computer, and wanted to use them for different scribes, but they disappeared from the favorite pictures that automaically open when one presses on the button for adding a picture. 

How long does a picture remain there, and is there anyway for me to put pictures that I am positive that I am going to use in the future into a special file in the program? 

I believe they remain in "recently used" until you right click one of them and choose "clear history"
(EDIT: the most recent 200 images remain in the history.)


you could make a folder on your hard drive for frequently used images,or you could make a zip file and imported as mentioned in this thread:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Debbie,

They will stay in there indefinitely until the total reaches 200 when just the last 200 images will be kept there.

You could put your images in a different folder and then when you want to open one  click on the import button

Then you can navigate to the folder that you created and import your image.



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