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Custom Image library

First I wanna commend the community and the entire VideoScribe team for their time and effort. I love this program and it's really making me cool money.
Meanwhile, I bought some svg premium artist files on but I can't preview them on my system
I want to create a custom library on Videoscribe so where we have libraries like business, people, e.t.c, I should have a custom library there containing the svg's I bought so I can always have access to them when working with VideoSscribe.
If they can appear on search, that would be great too.
I will appreciate any suggestion how to go about this.

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Hi Kelsey,

SVG Studio is a separate product from VideoScribe so you cannot see the images in the standard library. SVG Studio images are primarily intended for VideoScribe but they can be used in any image processing software so they are stored in a directory of your choice on your computer.

To preview them on your VideoScribe you can make use of VideoScribes ability to read zip files.

I took the images in the Animal Cartoons library and zipped them up into a zip file.

Then in VideoScribe click on add an image

Then click on the import button

Then navigate to the folder where the zip file is

Click on the zip file and you will see

Please note that the keyword search will only work in the standard library.

I hope this helps


 Waoh! that's great! thanks for your time.

This resolves the issue.


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