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voice over not processing after creating second scribe

Dear Video Scribe,

  please help

I record one scribe.

  then I start a new one but then my voice over wont process

I have already updated to the newest version

and I have attached screen recording so you can figure this out

thanks so much 

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Hi Rayfil

I have converted this to a support question and we will be in touch soon


I have this same issue.  Can you post the fix?


you may want to describe the problem more clearly and possibly create your own thread.

If the rendered video is not the same as the video preview:
1) try saving as a different file format
2) try saving a copy of the scribe under a new name and then rendering the new copy
3)try rebooting

you can post your results or more information for additional suggestions

Support will be back Monday during UK business hours. If you save a copy of your scribe online and tell them the name they can look at it. They will probably need more information.

Good luck!
mike(videoscribe user)


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