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How to get around the known bug of making the scribe a wmv??

I have a deliverable due this week, because my leadership loves scribes. I have the Pro version and suddenly I am unable to render the scribe as a WMV file. The software LOOKS like its rendering- I wait through the 18 minute process, and then it is like a one second image when I try to open it.


This is sort of an emergency with deadlines and all- is there any way to fix this once and for all?



Oh- I think I was able to upload it to the cloud: Its called Innovation Challenge Winners

on my account_

check that- it doesn't appear that uploading to your cloud worked, either. :(

I need assistance ASAP.

Cannot even explain my frustration with this software!

The bug is supposedly fixed in version 2.0.1.
Are you still using version 2.0?

Also try rebooting and
try saving a copy of the work file with a new name

Related info: videoscribe-2-0-known-bugs

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Ashley,

Sorry that you are having this issue.

We do have some issues with wmv publishing that we are looking into at the moment but that doesn't help you right now of course. 

The good news is there is a workaround...

Publish to your local hard drive in mov or flv format

If you specifically need a wmv file use something like Freemake Video Converter to convert the mov/flv to wmv

I hope this helps you out in the short term until we get the wmv publishing fixed.



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