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How do we determine our ZOOM %

Here's my original question...

I understand that zoom levels can affect memory and publishing.

  • But, how is ZOOM % calculated?
  • Is it on an item by item basis?
  • And, if so, is the size that it imports always at 100%
  • Does the "Default Image Quality" affect ZOOM levels?

Here's what I THINK I found...

The Zoom % only shows up when the +, - or double arrow buttons are clicked.

The ZOOM levels that most affect memory, therefore, seem to be set at a SLIDE level (View Area) and not at the item level.  Is this true?

I believe it works like this:

When you create a new scribe the zoom starts at 100%
When you add your first element, the camera is at 100% zoom.
When you add the first element, if you immediately click "set camera" at that location for that element, zoom will stay at 100% for that element.
Theoretically you could set the camera immediately after adding each element so that the camera would always be at 100%. After setting the camera, you can scale your element of you could then move the camera position to a different location or zoom in or out and then click "set camera" for that element with the new position.

However, by default.... if you add an element and don't immediately set the camera, videoscribe uses some algorithm to assign an initial zoom value that is different than the current camera position, so as you try to edit the element, the camera may unexpectedly change zoom level when you don't want it to.

You can "LIKE" the following thread if you want to ask Sparkol to automatically set the camera where it is by default when you import a new image so there is no unintentional zooming:

The zoom level shows up any time the zoom level changes, whether by clicking the plus and minus buttons or by moving to the assigned camera position of an element that has a different zoom level than the previously viewed element.

I believe that keeping the range of zooms between about 50-500% will use less memory than a range of 0% to 1000%. Zoom levels over 1000% have been reported to cause slowdowns, hangs or crashes in some cases. large changes in zoom levels between two consecutive elements may also cause a strain on memory use.
(other issues such as high default image quality settings or improperly prepared images can contribute to slowdowns and crashes as well)

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I went through the project and made sure that all views were right around 100%.  I wa hoping this might solve a plushing issue; but, it didn't help.

Thanks for clarifying it!  :)


You may want to save your scribe online and tell support te file name if you need a little help with rendering video.

Also specifiy what videoscribe version you use, Mac or PC, and the video format you are trying to save.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


They are looking into it... which is how I found that I had ZOOM issues.

But, it doesn't matter.  I have found that it's quicker to use Camtasia to capture it running and then render in MP4.


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