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Why is it so hard to find what the latest version of videoscribe is?

Since I installed version 2.0 I've had numerous problems. 2.0.1. solved a few problems and I found workarounds for most of the other ones, but it's still annoying and a lot of extra work. No wonder I sometimes check if there's a new version of the software. I've been looking for about 15 minutes now, being sent from the main site to the help subdomain and back, and have not found the answer. 

Since I don't get any mail when there is a new version and the answer can't be found through a link in the software either, could you please tell me if there is a new version?

And maybe you could use the menu of this subdomain more in line with it's name: help. There could be menu-items like 'Tutorials', 'FAQ' and maybe even something like 'Versions' or 'Downloads', instead of Free Trial and Pricing.

Just an idea. 

Hi Rick,

Sorry if you have had a few problems and thanks for the feedback.

We are currently testing version 2.0.2 which fixes some more bugs - I cannot give a release date at the moment but it won't be too long - days or weeks rather than months!


You can "LIKE" the following suggestion thread if you want to see the current version number displayed prominently on the website:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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