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Bug: All Sound Lost After Save & Retrieve

Issue:  Both the narration and the music were lost after having been saved and retrieved

Version: 2.0.1

Platform: Win7


Both narration ans music were imported.  The scribe was saved.  The computer turned off over night.  The computer was turned .on and the .scribe was retrieved.  On retrieval all sound was gone.

While I have no idea how turning the computer off and on might be connected, it appears that there might be some connection because I have saved & retrieved previously without this behavior.

Hi Tom,

I have converted this to a support question so that we can talk directly.

We will get back to you soon.


I have had the voiceover "not saved" as well for successive days, when I post to the cloud. The message is "Some changes were not saved, do you want to open this file?"  The sound track is always there and all the video. But the voice over is not there - so apparently it is not saving to the cloud for some reason. This is a pretty big deal since its hard enough to get a perfect voiceover. I dont have a file attached because its saved in the cloud.

Hi Peter 

Sorry that you have had a problem with this

If you would like us to investigate your scribe then please log a new support question here including details of the scribe that you saved online



I have the same issue. Followed tutorial directions suggesting it is best to record voiceover then animate. After numerous tries, I had a good voiceover and began to work on the animation. Over 3-4 days, I would return and add to my work. Voiceover was intact. Yesterday afternoon, I returned to my project and the voiceover was gone. Prior to the voiceover being gone, I was using the desktops speakers. Only difference was had to use headphones...voiceover did not play. I did more work assuming it maybe my headphones that were defective. Saved work, closed VideoScribe per usual. Today, I've returned to continue the project, switched back to desktop speakers and voiceover not playing. Clicked on the microphone to check on voiceover and I see the RECORD button not my voiceover with a PLAY arrow. Where did it go? Why? It took a long time to create the voiceover and I'm back to square one. Voiceovers are important and my work was based on that recording. From the time the voiceover was operating to its disappearance, I did not click the microphone nor the musical note and accidentally erase over or delete my voiceover. No, did not go there. Voiceover disappeared. First noticed when headphones were used then no return of saved voiceover.

(It's always a good idea to provide more information such as your computer type and the version of videoscribe you are using, whether the file was saved locally or online, whether you have used multiple computers .... when asking for support.)

I'm not familiar with the symptom, but

1) if you exported the video at any point you can probably retrieve the audio from the video.
2) if your computer makes automatic backups (like time machine on macs or system restore points on PC or daily backups to an external hard drive) you might be able to recover an earlier version of the scribe (However, this may overwrite or delete any other scribes that were made after the time of the backup, depending on how you preform the restore... so be aware of the risks.
3) if you work on more than one computer, saving the scribe online there used to be (and may still be) a bug that would cause the voicover to not play (possibly something related to the way the file location was recorded?)  Working repeatedly with a locally saved file should not have the same problem.
4) if your file is saved online, export it as a.scribe file, and then import it from your hard driveto see if the audio is restored

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


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