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V2 on Mac is Hanging

Hi Guys,

I get the beautiful beach ball "every time" I attempt to open insert an image in a scribe. I have deleted (from trash as well) a number of times. In each instance, the beach-ball comes back and VS hangs.

I am running on a Mac Pro Retina Display running OSX 10.9.4

Do you have suggestions?


If you are using version 2.0 you could try upgrading to version  2.0.1

also if you are low on hard drive space or are using oversized images, improperly prepared SVGs or bad camera settings:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I am using 2.01 and it's an empty scribe. Zero images, camera setting etx. The app hangs every time.

Hi Danny

I have converted this into a support question and we will get back to you soon


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