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Can't change font type in 2.1


Today I discovered I'm not able to change my font type from basic to block or anything else for that matter. The arrows on the sides where choosing the text type simply don't work.

When I opened a scribe where I had previously used Block font I could only switch between Block and Basic - nothing else.

Anyone else having that problem? Or possibly a solution to it?

Yes, in version 2 you only get one default font. (If you open a scribe with another font then you get that font too.) The GOOD news is that you can click the "F" icon to add more fonts from your computer and version 2 reportedly draws most fonts better than version 1 did.

Note to Sparkol: In my opinion, it is irritating to see plus and minus buttons when there is currently only one option available and the plus and minus buttons cannot change it (the plus and minus buttons are clickable but they do nothing unless the user adds more fonts). Also, for users that have added fonts, a dropdown list would much better than the plus and minus buttons.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Do you mean 2.01? I don't see 2.1 available.

Yep - the current release is 2.0.1.

2.0.2 is out soon, then the major release of 2.1 is due after that.

Can you please add option to browse front from a folder.
also add a option to show a logo which show start to end.



We have an Ideas and Feature Requests section where you could add the new features that you would like to see.



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