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Keyboard shortcuts PLEASE!

Hi Chaps,

I have just started using VideoScribe. I really, badly, miss having proper keyboard shortcuts. I agree that you want make VideoScribe usable to everyone and I don't see keyboard shortcuts being a hindrance to that.

Shortcuts will cut down our development time significantly.

Some suggestions for shortcuts:

(1) Directly switching to text editing (CTRL + T)

(2) Directly switching to animation time (CTRL + n) (?)

(3) Increase/decrease animation time (CTLR + Up/Down Arrow)

(4) Change zoom (CTRL + +/-)

(5) Delete a component directly by pressing DELETE.

(6) Pressing SHIFT to move object faster.



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We created a help page which shows the shortcuts that are currently available - some of this list is available.

Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys)

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