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Version 2.0+ is a BUST! PLEASE FIX Image Search and more.

I've never seen a piece of software take such a huge leap backward in quality/useability, as I have with VideoScribe 2.0.  It's not a "I just don't like change" situation, it's more of a "these design decision are terrible" situation.

Case in point, as many have commented, the new image search feature is a GIANT STEP BACKWARDS and quite frustrating.

a) You USED to be able to see many of the images at once ... now it is in a tiny window you must continuously scroll through.  Inefficient and annoying to say the least.

b) Even with an extremely fast connection, the new "cloud browsing" is horribly slow.  AND it does it EVERY TIME you open up the image search.  This should -- at the very least -- be cached.  And ideally, it should be an option you can turn off and be able to just store everything locally.  This is a very poor use of "the cloud".

c) I used to be able to see my custom SVGs ... now you want me to install an extension.  And extension that causes problems, just to see the SVGs?  WHY ON EARTH do you have two separate interfaces for SVG browsing ... this makes no sense.  I wasn't a huge fan of your old interface, but this one has me yearning for its return.

d) Why have you changed the frame rate to 25fps?  Why is locked in the first place??  This should be user-decided.  (Will put in a separate post along with resolution, file type, etc. request.)

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