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Just got the July VS newsletter talking about worksheets (great stuff) and tools. It asked to share tools you use with the community. So here goes:

1. -- Video Converter -- This tool is geared towards those who use Camtasia to edit their V.S. movies. I noticed after creating a video in V.S. that when I imported it in to Camtasia the sound would crack. It has to do with Camtasia audio codecs. Camtasia tech support said I needed to use handbrake to convert my V.S. movie before importing it into Camtasia to edit. Problem solved. NOTE: It is nothing more than a video converter which can be used just for that purpose but it is the only one I found that solved the sound issue with camtasia.

2. - SVG Cleaner

3. -- online tool for converting bitmap images to vector

4. -- online tool to help you figure out the right size for a 16:9 aspect ratio

5. - I use this software to batch resize my raster images. I use the free version and it works great.

That's it. I use other tools but had (work) to purchase: adobe illustrator, sony vegas video, camtasia, iclipart (paid site for images)



Great stuff!   Sparkol could add a page to this website for "additional resources" or "user recommended resources"

Hi Dan and Mike.

Thanks for sharing!

We recently had a blog post regarding useful third party tools that are Free.

The Sparkol Blog tips section is a great resource where there are plenty of tips for making great scribes.

By all means if use the community pages for sharing tips.

Thanks, Joe

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