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Syncing audio with visual in the scribe

Hi I created a scribe using the trial version. When I publish it on youtube the audio and visuals are not synched as they were in the original file before publishing. 

How do I resolve this issue?


some known audio problems and fixes:

"If your music or voiceover seems to be skipping, repeating or otherwise not working properly, make sure that you select the "loop music" option for the music soundtrack (on the music selection menu)." If you do not currently have a music track, you can try selecting a music track, looping it and setting the volume to zero."

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Neha

Do you have multiple copies of the same scribe and/or a few versions of the voiceover?  It may be that VideoScribe has rendered a previous version..

Are you saving online? It may be that the voiceover isn't being saved..

Support would like to take a look a the scribe to have a look at what's going on and see if there's anything we can fix!  So if you're still stuck, please save a copy to your online folder (the cloud) and provide as much information as you can around the questions above.

Many thanks

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