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Text icon on ipad not working

When selecting the T for text it highlights but does not bring up a place to write the text. The other icons work but not the T for text.

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Are you on an iPad?

If so, this is a known issue being fixed very soon.  If not, can you provide some more information on how you got to this point?

Yes. I paid for the ipad app and am also trialling the Mac version. So I just await for an update to the app for this bug to be fixed? Thanks

Unfortunately, yes. Have you tried using the workaround as Ian suggested above?  

You will just need to make sure you save all your scribes to your online directory before doing this.

Learn how to save scribes online.

Ian and Matthew, I cant find the workaround. I have the ipad app but i cant find a update in the app store and I cant update or add any text to a scribe? Did you give up on the ipad? Help! JMb
Something in the following threads might help:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The iPad app is unavailable at the moment while we work on a new version which will be released very soon.

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