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VideoScribe well NOT RENDER the video

 hi, the softwear well not render the video, it saved one but i try rending another scribe it just froze.

i have change the timing in the scribe to see it was this not lining up or something NO it still not working.

i am using the New one, the old one i had no problem with.

hope you help with this ASAP


If you want specific feedback on a scribe, you can save it online and tell support the name, or you can attach your scribe here and other users may be able to provide feedback.

There are known issues exporting from version 2.0 to powerpoint and WMV, but I don't think that clear causes have been identifed yet:

general notes on freezing during rendering/saving/or opening:
Videoscribe freezes or crashes (opening, playing, working, saving or rendering)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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