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LOgon Issuesa

I created an account to see the trial version and loved it.  I am not able to purchase the software directly in my organization so a great IT person purchased it for me.  The only problem is that the account was created in their name and I cannot chnage the name/email on the account since my email is already associated with another account.  I can't seem to reach anyone to help me with this so I am hoping one of you can help.  I really want to use this tool but I cannot even logon now...

Hi Jeanne

-First log on to as yourself and change the email address to something different (Assuming you have a spare you can use.)

-Then log on (or have your friend log on) with the PRO address and change it to yours.

This is the best way as you need a password in order to access the account so you are affirming that you have the right to change it.

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