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Video scribe hangs whenever I try and save my work

Hi.  I am working on a scribe, and the scribe hangs every time I try and save something.  In fact, I can't even import audio mp3 into the file or add images.  I have tried the following:

- reinstalled video scribe - doesn't work.

- tried to save locally under another file name - doesn't work.

Appreciate your help.

Hi Ali

That doesn't sound right.

Are you on Desktop or device?

Is it scribe specific or, if you start a new scribe, do you get the same issues?

-if it's specific to the scribe, please save a copy to the cloud icon (you don't have to open the scribe to do this) and support can take a look at it.  Let us know the name here :)

Hi. I've got the same problem as here. I use the scribe app on my iPad. How to fix this? The scribe video just didn't finish loading when I open the app, it suddenly crashed. Please help me to fix this. Thank you.

Ahhhh Asma, I made an assumption in the last post that I replied to for you that you were using the Desktop Application rather than VideoScribe Anywhere on the iPad. Can you save your scribe to the online folder and we can load it this end and take a look. Would be helpful to know the iPad model you have and also what version of iOS you are running as well so we can replicate as closely as possible

hi, i am using videoscribe version 2.3.5. It keeps freezing everytime i want to save the scribe. and also if i add more picture or change something it freezes. what should i do now? please help. thank you.

I can't really tell what might be wrong with your scribe based on that description.

You could try deleting the audio and then trying to save and then adding it back in and trying to save again.

You should probably save whatever version you can to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it if you want them to help you identify the problem.

It's most likely something in this list: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I have found that audio frequently makes the save hang.  I was able to save successfully by deleting the audio track (can always add it back later) and then it saves just fine.  That's got to be a bug.

Yes, save issues can sometimes be caused when there is an error with the soundtrack and removing it usually resolves the issue. We are investigating why this happens in some instances.

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