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wrong payment


I have a problem with my payment in VideoScribe. You have done a double charge on my mastercard credit card. (22€ -- to 44€).

My email acount is b******************.com

Please solve the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Hi Edd

I've turned your query into a private Support Question so that we don't have your personal details in public.. I'll email you from that now ;)

I thought my subscription (A-S0001607) finishing end of June, but really it was yesterday. Today you took money from my credit card for next month.
I know its my fault, but I am asking you to give my money back to my account. Thank you very much in advance.
Piotr Miranski (, Customer ref. A00015186


Hi Piotr,

I have created a support ticket for you and we will look into this for you.

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