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Integrating Video in Videoscribe

I'm pretty sure I want to purchase Videoscribe, but I'm still not certain if it will actually do what I'm hoping. In the tutorials, they cut between the instructor talking to the screen film using Videoscribe. I know this could easily be done with Final Cut Pro X (which is the editing software I use). What I don't understand is how they were scribing over the top of the video where the instructor was talking. I think they drew on a moustache and parrot, and both loosely tracked the video movement to stay in place. How was this done? Thanks :)

Hi Elizabeth

That was done on the version 1 tutorials, in After Effects, just for a bit of fun.

Please take a look a the version 2 tutorials as they give you a much better idea of where the program is right now (although we've made improvements even on that.. 2.0.1 came out, 2.0.2 is on its way and this year will see 2.1 and 2.2.. lots more features!)

If you're still not sure about your purchase you can get a one month licence with no obligation to buy after that (sales pitch!)

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