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Videoscribe frooze

After working all day on a videoscribe for a free trial, videscribe froze when I added my recording. It has remained frozen for the last hour. How can this be rectified? I am not willing to pay if work is lost so easy!!!

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Hi Niamh

This doesn't sound usual to me.

Do you mean a voiceover: Were you adding an mp3 or recording your voiceover directly into VideoScribe?

Or a soundtrack: were you choosing one from VideoSribe or adding your own?

If you like, we can take a look at it for you: either upload a scribe here or save it to your online (the cloud) folder and support specifically will take a look.

If you can explain what was happening and if it does the same thing if you try it again that would help.

I am having the same issue and I'm worried because I haven't saved my work yet. :(

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