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Sound mixing reverts back upon export

Hello - Sound is playing fine in both preview mode and once I export it. However, I had to adjust the music level way down so that the voiceover narration was easier to hear. It sounded just fine on my computer.  But then, after I exported it into a .wmv file, the sound levels revert back and the music is too loud again. It's like it isn't saving the levels I chose. When I saved, closed out, and went back in again, the levels I chose are correctly indicated on both the music and voiceover screens. And when I play in preview, the levels are correct. Its when the file is exported and viewed no longer in the system/software that the sound levels aren't sticking.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Leslie

I've done a real quick test for myself and found sound levels to be how I set them.

Here's what I did:

-opened VideoScribe

-added an image

-opened the voiceover window and recorded a voiceover

-set the volume to around 50% and saved 

-opened the soundtrack window

-chose 'Trumpetbeat' as it sounded loud and distinctive from the off

-set the volume to around 10% and saved

-tested the sound in preview: hearing voiceover nice and loud and JUST getting the soundtrack

-published the scribe to WMV.  I chose 360 for the size as the video isn't important

-checked the sound and the levels were the same.

-I also published to MOV, just to see, and that was the same too. 

Does that sound similar to your experience but without the sound levels?  Did we do anything different?

If you're still stuck, please do let support have a look at the scribe to see it in action: save a copy to 'the cloud' and let us know the name and we'll take a look.

Not quite. Both voice over and music play fine from the program and after i export to standard HD file and play from the computer i created it on. When it changes is i copied the video file to a thumb drive, loaded it onto another computer, and the levels were off. Music too loud and i had set it really low. I also tried uploading the file from the originating computer to a large file transfer site my company uses. When i downloaded the file onto the second computer, the levels were incorrect again. It seems to be something about playing the video from a different computer than what i created it on. But that just seems bizarre. I'm stumped.

Hi Leslie,

This sounds really odd as the video file isn't changed on the second computer. I am wondering if it is related to the video player - are you using different players or is one computer a PC and one a Mac?

What file format are you using for the video file and have you tried different file formats?



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