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Extreme Zoom Alert

Hi All,
I just finished placing all of the elements of my scribe and received an alert icon near the zoom icons in the lower left. When I click it, it states:

Your zoom level is extreme and may cause problems when running or creating video

Hmmm. Why am I just now seeing that after I've placed all of the elements?
What should the optimal zoom % be?

Thank you!


My guess would be that you received the alert at the moment you actually exceeded the recommended range. Had you just zoomed out to view all of the elements when you saw the alert?  If your elements are spread out alot then zoom-at-end will probably cause a zoom close to 0%

I'd recommend trying to keep the zoom level mostly between 50% and 500%. If you are exceeding 1000% or if you jump from a very low number on one element to  very high number on the next (or vice-versa) you are more likely to notice problems in rendering.

-Mike (videoscribe user)
Thanks Mike for the tips!
That helps to understand the tool a bit better. I'll keep it in mind when creating the scribes.


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