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Guys, I think I have a simple question...but it is KILLING ME.

I know how to create a worries there.

My question is this:

once created, how do I move it somewhere else so that I can create a NEW SCENE?

I can't figure it out!

Can someone please shoot me the simple answer or point me to the Tutorial that does?

Thank you all in advance!

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The Second Tutorial covers moving around on the canvas and moving the canvas around, along with camera positioning, which is kind of the same thing..

During playback of one of a series of scenes, one scene will suddenly, unexpectedly shift (move) just a little bit (half an inch or so) to one side, as it proceeds to drawing the next image. I have removed and re-added the images before and after the shift, to no avail. All of the drawing options are the same throughout the scene (all are set to "draw," no zoom, fade, or morph), and I have exited and re-loaded Videoscribe, but the movement is consistent. The only thing that might have caused this, of which I am aware, is that occasionally when resizing or moving an image during scene construction, the image will inadvertently become unselected and the entire scene will move, similar to what I am experiencing during playback. Is this the cause? If so, what is the solution, since the dragging of the scene during construction was unintended?

You should probably attach a .scribe file here or save your work online and raise a support ticket if you want feedback from customer support about a specific problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

This will be caused by one of the images just having a slightly different camera position to the others. Easily fixed in a few steps:

- Centre the frame how you would like the scene to be drawn

- Select all the elements in the scene (can use Ctrl+Click but may miss one, personally I select the first element in the scene on the timeline, scroll to the last and use Shift+Click to on the last one to select everything inbetween)

- Click the camera with a tick in the bottom left of the screen

If that doesn't solve it raise a ticket and save the project online and we can take a look

Beautiful! Thanks, Barry! Works like a charm.

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