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Issues with paid account

I sent a paypal payment for a one month subscription yesterday (acct #80707546) and having so many issues., I have already sent a request for someone to look into my account (ticket #1118) and until now, nobody bothered to answer, aside from the cursory "yes, we received your email and will look into this soon"... 

I still can't upload to youtube, I can't save the video on desktop, and even if I close/log out from the lap top as instructed somewhere, I still cannot use my account on my desktop pc (which was the reason, I resorted to using the lap top in the first place)... it keeps saying I need a PRO account to use videoscribe.

Getting really frustrated.

Customer support works during UK business hours on weekdays.

You may want to check out the "known bugs" thread and the "zero days left" thread and other instant answers:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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