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Just went pro and nothing is different

I just upgraded to pro. Now I uninstalled and reinstalled like it suggests and nothing changed. The logo/watermark still shows and it all seems to appear like the trial. 

How do you fix this? Can you not contact support directly here for concerns?

The logo is there for everyone. but it will not appear in your rendered video if you have a pro membership

If you would like Sparkol to remove the logo from the workspace, please "LIKE" the following suggestion thread:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I just upgraded a few minutes ago as well. Ok I see what you mean the logo doesnt show in the finsihed videos made for this in pro. My dashboard still looks like the trial though. It doesn't appear to show like pro in the training videos with the noticable differences.

Hi Thomas

Here's some shots of a difference to look for:

If the tutorials looked different you may have found version 1 tutorials - here are the version 2 tutorials

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