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Problem with getting the goods

Dear friends! I was working with free trial of the program during 7 days (E-mail: ). Today I sent $29 to use the for a month. I did it with the help of another E-mail ( ). And after all I received the same free version with limited functions and the logo on the screen. What is to be done?


I was going to ask this same question. I just bought it as well. I uninstalled and re installed the new one. It still shows the watermark and appears like the free one for me as well. How do you fix this?


The appearance of the program does not change much when you go pro. The logo currently appears in the lower right corner of the work area for ALL users. but it will not appear in your rendered video if you have a pro membership.

If you would like Sparkol to remove the logo from the workspace, please "LIKE" the following suggestion thread:

(Tatyana's problem MIGHT be different because it sounds like she just sent a paypal payment using an email that was different than the one she used to sign up. If she did not use the automatic upgrading process correctly then Support may have to look at her account and sort it out manually.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I just upgraded a few minutes ago as well. Ok I see what you mean the logo doesnt show in the finsihed videos made for this in pro. My dashboard still looks like the trial though. It doesn't appear to show like pro in the training videos with the noticable differences.

Just to clarify:

Canvas free vs pro


The publishing screen is a little different:


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