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Was this done with Video Scribe

i SAW THE VIDEO from the above link and was wondering if this was done with video scribe?

Some of it seem familiar but there were other things i was not familiar with.

For example, can you pull things out of the frame with the hand like they did in the above video?

Also while it was zooming it it was adding things to the frame. I don't recall, but I don't think you can do that with video scribe but maybe I'm wrong.

Any help

Help please.

No one knows if the above was done with video scribe or not


If videoscribe was used, then they did some post-processing to the video with some other video editing software.


That is what I was thinking, Mike. The thing that caught my eye the most was the ability for the hand to pull elements off screen. Is that a new feature of VS? (I'm still using 1.3.26).



They probably used move-in and reversed the video.


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