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Copy/paste not working properly

Hi there, I have just installed R2.0.1 and have noticed that the copy/paste function is not working properly. It is possible to copy/paste once but then after that the copy button remains greyed out and it is only possible to paste the item originally copied, but not possible to copy anything new. Closing the file doesn´t help either, the only workaround is to close the program.


Hi Vincent

I've tried and cannot reproduce the issue you're describing on my machine.  Can you give me some more details:

-what machine are you on?

-are you mouse-clicking or using keyboard shortcuts?

This is what I did:

-open a blank canvas

-add some text

-add an image form my recently used

-click on the image > click copy > click paste

-click the text > click copy

-click the canvas to deselect the text

-click paste.

Is that similar to your test

Many thanks


Hi Ian,


working on a W7 machine and mouse clicking (no ctrl-c, ctrl-v).


I closed the vscribe I was working on (and in which I had copy/pasted), then opened a blank canvas, added text and an image. When I select either of these elements, the copy button remains greyed out. The paste button, however is active and the element from the previous canvas is still in cache.


I then closed and reopened the program, opened a blank canvas, added text and an image and then there was no problem copy/pasting first the text and then the image. However, when I return to my original vscribe where the issue was, I have the same issue: the copy box is greyed out. Then I clicked repeatedly on the paste button and that seemed to solve the problem and the copy button was active again.


hope this helps


Thanks Vincent.

I really appreciate your help on this.

It might be image specific.

-was it an imported image you were pasting?

-can you upload a copy of the problem scribe to your online folder (the cloud), and give me the name and which image I'm looking for, so I can take a look?

Ian, the name of the scribe is LSDD5 and the image I copied was the machine cogs. Actually I should add I copied 2 of the cogs. I wanted to get some machine animation going. Vincent

Thanks Vincent

I see it's an image from our library (did you export and edit it to get the second one?)

I can't reproduce the error even with your scribe.  It's so frustrating.

The evidence is pointing to it being a memory usage issue (i.e. maybe you have less memory available/moire memory being used by your VideoScribe) which we are still working on for 2.0.2 despite making some changes in 2.0.1

I'm hoping you're able to work around this until that release, which I'm hoping will eradicate it for you..

Thanks Ian,

yes, I did edit the image using Inkscape to get the second image and yes I can work around this - it is inconvenient but not a show stopper.


Thanks Vincent

nice edit anyway ;)

I'm having the same problem, exactly how Vincent described it.

Thanks Jonathan

We're slimming down the program as we speak..


when i put any image or drawing on the canvas... the buttons copy paste don't work.. not even for one time. they click but don't work...

Does using ctrl+c (PC) or CMD+C (Mac) to copy and ctrl+V (PC) or CMD+V (Mac) to paste work for you?

Copy & paste is not working on my test-license as well. I use OSX 10.10.2 and your version downloaded today. Any help?

Hi Holger,
1) Please read the first few posts in this thread.
2) Is your symptom exactly the same if you follow those steps, or is your symptom slightly different? 
3) If your symptom is different, please describe it more clearly.

You could uninstall the current version and install an older version of videoscribe, (but you will not be able to open scribes made with the newer version if you do that)
all available versions of videoscribe

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Sorry if you're having issues using the copy paste function.

It should work for you.

You can use the Cut, Copy and Paste function using the buttons on the VideoScribe canvas:


With a Windows PC, you can also use use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to Paste

With a Mac PC, you can use CMD+c to copy and CMD+v to Paste.

If you're still having issues with this please raise a support ticket and let us know which functions you're having issues with.

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