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Change the base folder location

 I like to put all my work in one place for backup purpose. So if I can change the base folder location, it will be big plus for me. Thanks!

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An ability to organize files is the fundamental function expected for any application going back to the 1970's. This has been an issue in VideoScribe for years. I build two minute videos each from a dozen or so smaller clips constructed separately so I can try out different techniques. All the files mixed in one folder adds hours to each project by tracking files literally with pencil and paper.


There must be some technical reason it cannot be accomplished. I'm not a programmer by trade but even I have added file and folder organization to applications in just an hour or two. An explanation as to why such a fundamental function has not been include might be in order to help us understand why project file organization is not important. 

Hello Michael,

Within VideoScribe you can create subfolders and orgianise your work. By default when you create a new project it is saved into the All Scribes folder however you can create as many new ones as you like using the Create New Folder and pick from existing using the drop down. 




Thank you so much Mike Metcalf for your support.

I don't know if you are a real user but in that case, I would suggest Sparkol pays you to do the great job you are doing on this forum.

Thanks Brigitte!

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