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Change the base folder location

 I like to put all my work in one place for backup purpose. So if I can change the base folder location, it will be big plus for me. Thanks!

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This is long overdue! I waste so much time constantly navigating folders

Thanks for your suggestion on this.

VideoScribe 2.0 or higher allows you to save your projects as .scribe files to a location of your choice on your desktop computer.

This option should allow you to export your scribes to a specific location of your choice.

If this is not what you mean't please can you elaborate further?

Thanks, Joe

Thanks! I know about the export feature. I was talking about the base folder while saving the scribe. Right now the base folder is not configurable. So, the work around is to go through export function in order to save to other location.  It will be nice (not a must) to just set it once and don't need to navigate through the folder every single time. Hope that I make it clear this time. Thanks!


Thanks for clarification.

I'm not sure if changing that location is possible at this time but if this proves to be a popular request we can explore the possibility.

Thanks, Joe

I would think this would be a default feature. I would like my files stored in My Documents so that Carbonite picks them up and backs them up automatically.

As it stands, I cannot even find the 'Base' folder. I continue to search and in fact am creating a VideoScribe right now and monitoring my system and there are no new files where your support forum indicates they should be, namely,

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\VideoScribeDesktop\Local Store

I tried adding another folder. It is nowhere to be found. It is not online either.


I would image this would be a popular request. It probably is worth asking all current users. I'm sure there are a few frustrated users.

Personally, I use OneDrive so not having an option to have "base folder" point to OneDrive means I have to find workarounds for something that is as simple as adding one line to config window.

I hope this very simple change will be added soon.

Take care


For those of us using SSD drives, this is essential. Constantly writing to an SSD shortens its life. As others have mentioned, this should have been a given, as it is with all other programs.

Is this a limitation of the Adobe AIR extensions?



Hi.  I was wondering if anyone has posted the location of the base folder yet.  Such a basic function, but yet not available.  Here is why I need this... I got a new machine, backed up my machine, and am restoring the data on to the new machine.  I worked on a scribe on the old machine, and now need to continue working on it on the new machine.  Can't find it.  What is the location of the base folder?  My old machine has gone, so no chance of exporting it.  This is rather frustrating, actually.  Why is it that we don't want to expose the base folder?  It's not as though they are the crown jewels, locked up in the tower of London! :-)




You can search your hard drive for the "videoscribedesktop" folder to find the full path

The following thread from 2014 shows the paths but they may have changed since then: Where are scribes saved on my computer?

It's a good idea to save a copy of every scribe to the cloud folder as a backup.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hello All,


Just an update on this one. Please make sure you 'like' the original post to vote for this if it's something you would like to see included. At the moment with 3 likes in 3 years it's not popular enough to get any real consideration from the product teams.

When it comes to the actual location of the base folder and how to access files it is out there but where possible we try to keep this of of public forums. We're not trying to hide it and we are happy to tell you and discuss it's just easy to delete something or move it by mistake and we want to walk you through it to try and minimise the risk of this. We fully understand this can be perceived as a little patronising but we have designed VideoScribe to appeal to everyone from experienced video makers to beginners and need to do what we can to protect data for all levels of technical understanding. Particularly as the important data (your scribes) are saved with randomly assigned number strings as file names so can be easily mistaken and deleted. So if you ever need help getting to your files just log a support ticket ( and one of our friendly support staff will do all we can to help.



Hello @Mike, Thank you for your suggestion.  I was able to find the VideoSribeDesktop folder, and was able to find all 65 of my scribes.  Since I had created them in an earlier version, rather than simply copying them, I decided to import them, one by one - yes, all 65 of them, and re-saved them.  It was time-consuming, and quite painful.  But, I could not afford to lose a single scribe.  I really think that the Sparkol attitude of "You don't know what you are doing, so we have to protect you from yourself" is pathetic.  Sparkol must assume that their users are semi-intelligent, of course, not as intelligent as the people at Sparkol, but assume we know how to handle these things.  What a sad state of affairs.  Sparkol, you really must get over your superiority complex, and provide us with the ability to control our scribes.  You also must provide the ability to organize our scribes in a better fashion.  With 65 scribes, on differing topics, I would like to arrange my scribes by subject, and in a windows explorer fashion, so I can quickly get to the scribe I need.  Right now, I have to go through many screen looking for an image of a scribe that looks vaguely familiar.  Your product is called Pro, but the methodology used for files is far from Pro.  SO please consider this to be a request for enhancement of your product. Thanks.


@Barry - I completely agree with @Ibrahim's well stated assessment of the way we are being treated.

I want to add this - Not having complete control and ready knowledge of our file location makes it very difficult to trust your company. We don't know where our work is without spending time and energy looking for threads on forums and worrying whether our work is safe. 

Then there is the idea that you need to name my files for me. Back in the days of DOS I could see issues with filenames, but Windows now allows at least 255 characters - I don't even come close to using them all, maybe 12 or 15, but I name my files something meaningful and easy to locate.

BTW, these two issues are some of the reasons I don't do more V/S projects and don't recommend your product to anyone. When people see my work they love it. But I won't tell them the software. Like recommending anyone in business, if I recommend someone that is difficult to deal with, then I lose credibility.

This idea that you control my work is a bigger issue than you realize. The number of 'likes' is misleading. I read threads like this and say to myself 'This is such a no-brainer. If they can't fix this, what else are they not doing? Will they continue to even support the software?'

I can see why you don't want this discussion on the forum boards.

Trust is a big issue.


Microsoft latest Power BI tools is a good example. I couldn't change font size on a graph X-axis and it was one of the least voted ideas, and it took them several years to do it. 

Why so little votes, most likely because everyone thought that's it's so basic that surely someone is working on this as a priority :)

Am finding the same frustration. Amen to everything said so far. Please fix this.

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