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On free trial, can't post first scribe to YouTube

Hi there - I'm trying out VideoScribe and am trying to post my first scribe to my YouTube channel to see what it looks like. No matter what I try though, I get the error "Cannot log in to YouTube. Check your details are correct and try again". 

I've also tried rendering the video to a powerpoint slide, but that also does not work for me (I get a 50kb ppt file, and the video doesn't play..)




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My Problem with the trial version is, that it always says "Congratulations, your video has been sent to YouTube." but it never shows up in my channel???!


1) when you uploaded it, what name/title did you give it on youtube?
2) do you have more than one youtube account or channel?
3) provide a link to your channel

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi! Can anyone please help me render my first scribe and upload it to YouTube? I did everything, my connection is fine and so is my channel. But it always go "connection error". It's already uploaded with the file name "JHJHJ" HELP PLEASE! Thank you very much.
This is a project of mine due on Monday. Please help me. Thank you very much. And also, I'm a free trial user. Thank you!
you may also want to raise a ticket to make sure customer support is aware of your request.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I'm on a free trial and trying to post my video to YouTube but the file format isn't allowing me to upload it myself. I've then been trying to directly upload it from VideoScribe and after taking forever to render it says there's an issue with my internet connection. Is there any other way for me to upload it to my YouTube channel?

Thanks, Laura

You may also want to raise a ticket to make sure customer support is aware of your request.

and the following thread may help you identify and correct the problems in your project:

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I'm having real trouble trying to upload a video to youtube. I have 'rendered' it (which takes over an hour each time) many times and it simply says render complete then when I click the youtube button it goes back to rendering again.

I was trialling this before I buy it but it's also an assignment that I have in next week. Is there any way you could help me to publish this to youtube please?


Please read my reply immediately above yours about raising a ticket, and my reply on the previous page about attaching a .scribe file, (and the customer support replies in this whole thread)  and do those things as a starting point.

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