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On free trial, can't post first scribe to YouTube

Hi there - I'm trying out VideoScribe and am trying to post my first scribe to my YouTube channel to see what it looks like. No matter what I try though, I get the error "Cannot log in to YouTube. Check your details are correct and try again". 

I've also tried rendering the video to a powerpoint slide, but that also does not work for me (I get a 50kb ppt file, and the video doesn't play..)




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It could be a problem with your scribe, a problem with your youtube channel, or something else.

You may want to take a screenshot of how far you get before it stops working (or describe much more clearly which steps you have taken). The recommended solutions depend on a more specific understanding of when the problem occurs.

if you save and close your work file (not a video, just your work file) and then make a new scribe with just one image from the library, are you able to publish that to youtube? If that works, then we need to troubleshoot your other scribe. Otherwise we probably need to troubleshoot your youtube channel.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

This is as far as it goes and then stops 

It seems as though you need to complete your youtube channel profile setup. This may include sending a verification email from youtube to your email and then following the instructions.


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Rebecca, if you are still having trouble save your scribe online and let us know what's it's called. We can download it and have a go at uploading yo our YouTube channel for you.

I have the free trial, but youtube says that it is not a video, it is not in the right format. Is there a way to save it in the right format?

Hi al,
It sounds as though you have exported a .scribe file (which is not a video file, it is a proprietary file format that can only be opened by videoscribe)

If you want to publish a video to youtube:
1) open your scrribe in videoscribe
2) click the "publish (render) your scribe video" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. (the name of the icon may be slightly different in different versions of videoscribe)
3) the publish menu should open. click the blue facebook icon at the bottom of the publish menu.
4) follow the instructions
5) You must have a personal facebook page that you have verified by email for your upload to be successful (read previous replies in this thread if you need more info)
6) If you get an error message report in here or google search it.

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi, I'm using the free trial for this app right now and I've got some issues here. I've been trying to upload my scribe on YouTube and also powerpoint for almost two days and it kept saying that my internet got some issues, what should I do? I really need this video for my presentation tomorrow I can't start something new tonight, so can anybody help me with this? Thank you so much! ASAP!!!!!

I don'y know what's wrong with it, but this is the fourth time and i do have my Youtube channel verified, so can you upload this on Youtube for me? And then send me the link? Because I do not need it after this week but I do need this today so I can present tomorrow, thank you so much, Please reply to me!

And here's the file, please help me to upload this, thank you so much!!!!!

Do I email the file to you?

If your channel is verified it could be that your video is too large or long for YouTube to accept it directly from our application or that your internet connection is genuinely struggling to upload the file. Either way though we would need access to your scribe to upload it on your behalf. You can either export the scribe file and attach it here or you can save it to the online cloud folder and let us know what it's called (you have 2 in there in already so would need to know which on) and we can try and publish it for you. 

It is called the Adventure of Irving. I really need this within an hour! Thank you so much!

Can you upload the video right now? It is called The Adventure of Irving. It is in my cloud on this and I really need this within an hour for my presentation! So please upload this to help me! PLEASE! Thank you!
I'm really sorry for this but I really need it so can somebody help me? I need your response now! I need the video!!!!
It has been 5 hours since the last reply, I don't know how this company operates for free trial customers but I really need this video right now and no one replies to me! I am getting a little angry right now because I waited for 5 hours and didn't get any response!

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