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On free trial, can't post first scribe to YouTube

Hi there - I'm trying out VideoScribe and am trying to post my first scribe to my YouTube channel to see what it looks like. No matter what I try though, I get the error "Cannot log in to YouTube. Check your details are correct and try again". 

I've also tried rendering the video to a powerpoint slide, but that also does not work for me (I get a 50kb ppt file, and the video doesn't play..)




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Tyrone, sorry for the slightly delayed reply. We are closed over the weekend and only re-opened for business an hour ago. You have a support ticket with us so I will take a look at the scribes you sent and get back to you.

So I have uploaded these for you. They all went first time for me so not sure what the problem was for you? Happy to look into it deeper and try and get it working for you if you like? If not your videos are linked below:

Acknowledgement_title -

Goal -

my goals and future plan_title -

the impact of your contribuiton_title -

the impact of your contribution -

who am i content -

why i choose nyc -

Hi :) can you possibly help me upload my scribe on youtube ? I'm on trial and I don't have a youtube channel and I'm only making the scribe for a one-time thing .
(Customer support works monday-friday during regular UK business hours) If you want to render to youtube, I would recommend that you create a free youtube channel and verify it by email (there will be a link in your youtube profile or settings page to verify by email)

Otherwise you could just render to a powerpoint file.

If you are going to wait for customer support to do it for you, be sure to save your work file(s) online and tell them the name(s) of the scribes.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Christy, we could put it on our test YouTube site for you but would need you to send us the scribe file to do that. Mike's suggestion of setting up your own channel may be quicker though and also we'll clear ours out from time to time so you'd have no control over how long the video is available.

I think I'm just going to wait for customer support ... i have already saved my scribe online .. the name of my scribe is 'ann's' . I'm in boarding school and i dont have a laptop or computer to render them .. thank you for the recommendation though
Thank you so much :')
Hi there,

I've been working all night on this scribe for an assignment that is due at 10 am. Every time I try to upload it to youtube the app just stops responding and freezes (was doing this most of the time I was trying to create the scribe). Now I'm getting pretty frustrated because I have a video but no way to present it in class.

Please help!


If you want customer support to try to help you, save your work file online and tell them the name of it.

If you want other users to help you, export a .scribe file and attach it here.

if you want to troubleshoot it yourself: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike! I would love some help! I was able to get the video to upload to YouTube but it cut out my music half way and took a lot of video off of the end. My scribe is called Love as a Story and I think I did save it online but if it isn't visible or there I will need instructions on how to do so. Thank you!

VideoScribe will stop the video then the elements you place on the canvas run out regardless of the length of the audio. So if you have 3 minutes of audio but only 90 seconds of animations on the canvas you will only get a 90 second video. If you click on the last element on the timeline you'll be able to see the total length there.

Could not see a scribe called Love Story in your cloud folder. Make sure you click the cloud icon when saving the file instead of the tick to save the project to the cloud

Good morning Barry,

My video is 3:59 and I have the audio set on loop but it still cut out.
I apologize, when I uploaded the video I saved it to YouTube as 'Love as a Story' but it is actually saved online ad 'Development Video'.


Meaghan, seemed to be a corrupt image part way through as the render kept freezing at that point (lady in a pink dress on 33 seconds). Deleted and replaced and that solved the issue. 

Video uploaded to for you and available on the link below

Hi, I cant get my video to upload to youtube or to save it. I tired verifying my account and all of the above. is there anything else I can do. I have an assignment due friday, please help !!

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