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Where is version 2.0.1 for Mac?

I've been using version 2.0 and want to upgrade to 2.0.1.  I downloaded version 2.0.1 for Mac and installed it as directed (dragged it to my Applications folder -- even got the warning about replacing the version that was already there). However, when I open VideoScribe and go to the "About VideoScribe" is still shows version 2.0. There is nothing in the dmg file that I downloaded that indicates a version, but I suspect that I just downloaded and installed 2.0 again. Has anyone successfully upgraded to 2.0.1 for Mac?


Hi Heidi,

Yes, people have installed 2.0.1 on a Mac.

Can you uninstall VideoScribe first by dragging it from Applications into the trash and then empty the trash.

It would be a good idea to go back to and make sure that you download the correct dmg file

Then install again

That worked. Thanks.


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