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Hair or Wig

 In version 1 there was a woman's wig/hair image I found to place on a stick figure. I can't find it in version 2. Can anyone point me to a woman's hair image? See attached image.

hair.png hair.png
152 KB


The hair image was in the 'Sparkol Scribe' library and that is not currently in Version 2 of VideoScribe.

I will investigate why that is the case so please leave it with me



No more adding ears to people :(


Hi Danielle and Bruce.

I will take this feedback to see if we will be adding this folder again.

In the meantime, you can use this link to download it.

Best wishes, Joe


Hi Andy and Joe,

This "Sparkol Scribe" folder is very useful !

Thank you for letting us continue using it with v.2


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