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Have the hand sizes changed in the new Videoscribe version?


I am now using the just released version of Videoscribe and I am noticing a difference in the size of the hand I was using in the previous version.

See attachments: with the old hand you can see the bracelet, and the new hand is very big.

Is this due to the new version?

If so, can I go back to a previous version?

Also he bigger hand is not as clear (blurry around the edges) as the smaller hand. I agree. I like the smaller hand much better.


Same here ... all the hands have gotten much bigger.  There needs to be a hand zoom control, so we can determine/decide how far away we want the person to be drawing.  This is waaay to close ... what if we wanted it to look like they were drawing on a blackboard or large white board?

The hand will display differently in the latest version compared to version 1.

You can try to adjust the zoom of the image that the hand is drawing; set the camera to be further away.

You can go to the previous version but you will not be able to open any scribes created in version 2.

To go to the previous version:

Uninstalling then reinstalling VideoScribe is a way to sort out certain problems – but should be a last resort. Have you tried troubleshooting?

This process won't delete any locally saved scribes (scribes saved on your computer).

Uninstall/reinstall on a Mac

Drag VideoScribe from Applications to the trash

Use the Finder to search for videoscribe.dmg and drag any videoscribe.dmg files into the trash

Empty the trash

Restart your Mac

Download and install VideoScribe

Uninstall/reinstall on a PC

Using Control Panel, select the Sparkol VideoScribe application. You will be given the option to uninstall

Remove any VideoScribe shortcuts from your desktop

Restart your PC

Download and install VideoScribe

I hope this helps.


How can it be the hands are mashed up in the new release and the only solution for the paying user is to uninstall and install an older verion?
Really, I just don't get that.
The hands are way to big and blurry. Just not usable.
Is there a solution all ready, since this post is already a year old.


Hi Listette,

We did change how the hands work from version 1.3 to version 2 which is what this post is referring to (reply was 11 ago).

Since then, there have been a number of changes to VideoScribe.

If you are having hand problems with the current version of VideoScribe, please can you raise a support ticket with the specific 

detail of your issue (as I do not think your issue is a difference between version 1.3 and version 2), and I'm sure we can assist.


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