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When I purchased Video Scribe, it was a one time purchase! Why am I being told to renew?

When I purchased Video Scribe, about a year and a half ago, it was a "one time purchase", NOT a subscription! Now I'm being told my subscription has expired. ?????  What is going on? Did the company get bought out?




Support will probably be along shortly to assist you.

If you bought the lifetime membership, I'm sure it is something that support will sort out for you. If you bought a monthly or yearly membership then maybe your credit card expiration date needs to be updated or something simple like that.

you can look on your MY ACCOUNT page to confirm which account payment type you have. (and if it looks wrong, support can provide further help)

I think the payment options are these:
free trial- free for 1 week
iphone app (new)- free
lifetime- one time payment
ipad and android apps- one time payment.
monthly membership- rebills monthly
annual membership- I'm not sure if the rebills automatically or not

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Jennifer, sorry you're having this issue. 

As it is a billing matter, I have created a ticket for you.

Thanks, Joe

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