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Rendering in 2.0

Please add the ability to change frames per second & quality back into V2.0.

Rendering is very very slow for me with it set at 25 FPS default. 

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yes, please RESTORE the option to choose frame rate.

(That option was one of the features available in version 1 that were removed in version 2)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for your ideas.

I can confirm we will be re-instating the option to choose your own Frame rate in the next version of VideoScribe.

Thanks, Joe

It's good to hear this one is coming back. 

Despite all complaints in this community about V2.x (I also added some...) it is very good to know that you guys at Sparkol take most of these very serious, and add fixes and features in new releases.

Thank you for that!

Great that you are restoring frame rate options, 30 fps for MOV is a must! But what about quality, what happened to being able to control the output quality?

Please don't make the same mistake many software companies do attempting to make your software easier to use by removing functionality. Keep functionality and add new functionality and work with the user interface instead to make it easier, more accessible to use.

Hi Peter, 

Thanks for your input.

We allow rendering in the following resolutions 360, 640, 720 and 1080 as a Pro user.

If you have any further suggestions about render quality, please add it to the Ideas and Feature Requests page.

We consider all popular and technically feasible requests.

Thanks Joe, yes, I wasn't referring to the resolution but the quality of the MOV file. In previous version you could set the quality (bitrate), but I cannot find that feature now.

Hi Peter, thanks for clarifying.

I do not think the quality setting was the bit rate although I do know that the default setting for this feature was 87% which is fixed in version 2.0.

If you would like to have this feature back, please add it is a suggestion.

So it is confirmed that you can change the FPS in the latest update of 2.0? Can you change the quality as well? Typically I change the quality for when I want smaller sized files to work with, so to me that feature is a bit important as well.

No, currently it is only 25 fps on MOV files and you cannot adjust quality/bitrate. Joe has clarified (above in this thread) that you will be able to change fps in the next update.

So the framerate can only be changed for .wmv video files? The update note for the latest release 2.0.2 says:

- "Choose frame rate for WMV and PNG/JPEG sequence output"


Yes as the release notes indicate, In version 2.0.2, the frame rate can only be changed for WMV video and png/jpg sequences. They cannot be changed for FLV or MOV.

However, that will change in the next release (2.1)  as mentioned above.

source: I looked at the settings in version 2.02

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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