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Free Trial - URGENT

Hi there,

Basically at 12:15AM today, I received an email notification stating that it was Day 7 of my free trial. 
However, at around 5:00PM today, I could not access my account in VideoScribe. Isn't it still within Day 7 of my free trial?

Would greatly appreciate if you can extend my free trial for 1 more day so that I would be able to make my decision as to whether I will purchase VideoScribe.

Hi Tim, 

From what I can see from your trial start date, it would have expired by the 9th July.

We do ensure we give a full 7 days of the trial.

Thanks, Joe

we have tasted free trial version of videoscribe. It has expired last friday. We really want to bay videoscribe version 2.1.1 for one month now. But the question is: Can we recovered our project we was working in the trial version?



Just make sure you login with, and upgrade the SAME account that you used for the free trial. All of your local and online files will still be associated with the account that you used to make them. Scribes are only deleted if you manually delete them.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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