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Applying VideoScribe to Pre-existing Video Content

I already have a couple of videos completed, to which I wish to "apply" video-scribe "effects".  Is this possible?

• They are instructional videos.

• They already have graphics/slides & audio that are synchronized.

• They are in both .mov and .flv formats.

Before making new vids in scribe, could I upload what I already have and have it "scribed" by your program?... Then, process it as a new film?

If so, is there a time and/or file limit to the video that I upload into scribe?

Thank you.

Hi Felicia

VideoScribe is not a video editing tool but used for video creation.

You can make a video in VideoScribe and then use an editor to merge it with another video or it can stand alone as its own creation.

I hope that helps

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