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Video Export Formats

When I upgrade to PRO, what video formats can I export my scribes into?

Or am I required to remain a member to keep my video up on YouTube?



Hi Doug

Create WMV, MOV or FLV videos as well as JPG or PNG sequences right now as a Pro.

Lots more formats coming.

You can keep any video made indefinitely, whether you are Pro or not however you cannot sell it without an active licence.

I hope that helps.

Hi, This thread is over a year old. Do we have more info on VideoScribe output formats as of 8/2015? I would like to incorporate VideoScribe into either an Adobe Captivate  or Articulate Storyline project. Thanks.

Same video formats as previously.

If you are using free and you want to get into .wmv or .mov upload it to youtube and download clickgrab, and then make it into .wmv

Or you can use software to convert from one format to another e.g. I've used Format Factory in the past.

I guess the only risk is degraded quality of the final product with all this converting.

Yeah, but only if your scribe isn't too large, or else an error asking you to 'check your internet connection' would pop up once it finishes rendering, and deletes all the progress of actually rendering it. Then you buy the full version just to render it AGAIN.

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