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version 2.01 contiously freeze during any activity

so I am working on my first project and the early stages everything was fine. I am laying out the canvas like a slide show and probably now have approx 15 slides, maybe about 50 items, some morphs, some moves, no hands. Zoom for the working canvas area is approx 68-80%

however every single time I attempt to add something or modify an existing it freezes up on me.

When I attempt to upload it to the cloud it freezes

when I attempt to give a project a new folder location to save other than base folder it freezes.

When I render what I have it gets to certain items it stops but doesn't stop the rendering process. sometimes it stops on a graphic, others on a text box.

I probably have had to cancel/close/X the software about 20 times today.

I have no "0" animations... sometimes it freezes on a text entry when editing, i get colored blocks that replaces spaces and some letters

it has locked up on when when selecting or changing the "hand" option

I am running an Intel i7-3740QM CPU @2.7Ghz, 4G of RAM running Windows 7 professional SP1 32B operating system.

for the parts it does on... it works great, but it very frustrating to continuously have to reboot the software when you cant save the last work you completed . I have cleared out temp files, cookies, old files numerous times today and rebooted the computer as well, with no better results...

any help of info would be extremely helpful. my account has one of the earlier project files if it helps...

Hi Thomas

Sorry you're experiencing problems with your scribe.

We're noticing that VideoScribe is sometimes using a lot of internal memory in preview and are looking in to this.  In your case, it looks as though it is running at 1.6 GB on occasion.  With other programs open this is probably pushing at your limits.

If you run task manager when VideoScribe is open you will be able to see the memory being used by VideoScribe and the available memory you have.  If you are able to free up more memory by closing other programs (chrome like s lot of memory too, for example) this may help while we look to reduce the memory usage.

Thanks for the log.  I've passed it on to the developer looking into the issue.

thank you for the reply...... that's exactly what i did later on in the evening and it seemed to work... unfortunately to keep the file smaller, i took out some of the cool features the software has. I also split what i had into two projects....

it seems to work... simply using a merge tool to put the final pieces together into 1.

still learning the canvas and zooming thing so hopefully how I was laying out the pieces isn't causing an issue as well.. I am experimenting on a different layout to see if it helps.

I look forward to any new release which might help the current performance

Thanks again

Thanks for getting back to us Thomas

Sorry you missed out on cool stuff.. I hope you get it back in ok :)

 Hi Thomas,

I don't know if this will help, but optimizing your images and keeping your zoom (camera magnification) settings between about 50% and 500% can GREATLY reduce the amount of memory required in some cases.

Here is a thread discussing some more specific guidelines that may help prevent crashes and freezes or slow rendering (They are based on support suggestions as well as my own experiences)

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Thomas, if you have this issues with a scribe again, please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket and we can take a look at the scribe if it is saved online.

If you still have the original, Scribe and can save it online, please use this link to raise a ticket and we will take a look at it -

Best wishes, Joe

I am experiencing the same issues, as my Scribe continues to grow. I need to keep Photoshop open while I work on it, so having to close down other applications isn't particularly convenient.


If you have photoshop open, are you using it to optimize all of your images to sizes in the 1-250 KB range? That, along with conservative camera settings, should prevent most problems.

I sometimes have photoshop and illustrator open along with videoscribe, (but I tend to use mostly SVGs with fewer jpg and png images, and I still use version 1.3.26 of videoscribe) with no problems.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Peter,

If you start to encounter problems as your scribe grows, you could also try creating the second half of your scribe in a new scribe file, rendering them separately and then joining the two videos back together again in either Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (Mac).

I left my video scribe to render 2 days ago. While the blue bar at the bottom of the picture indicates that it is now complete, the whole program has completely frozen and will not let me into see it . Its very frustrating, as i have a deadline for Monday. Cant get any support online, even the automated 'Bot' must be off for the weekend, as it keeps asking my name, chat ends, then asks my name again...roiund and round.

My head is busted with this.

You are unlikely to get a reply from customer support while their company is closed for the weekend. If you want their input during working hours make sure you save the project online and open a support ticket.

Typically, I keep my scribes less than about 10 minutes long and if rendering is taking more than an

Some suggestions for preparing scribes more efficiently, or fixing problematic scribes, can be found in the following thread:

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