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How does the Move In feature work?


I am adding a long rectangular object that is located near the top-middle (slightly skewed right) of the screen. Then I change the draw type to Move In and select the top-middle point of origin. On playback, I expect the object to come almost straight down, however, it appears to move in from the top-right corner.

How does the Move In feature use to calculate where to start and stop this move animation?



Hi Dan

I've had a quick go and it seems to move in the way that you're expecting for me.. Can you check that the change in the settings saved correctly and let support have a look at the scribe if it's still a problem? 

Save your scribe to your online folder (the cloud) and then either post the name here or raise a Support Question for a private chat.

Same problem was working fine yesterday. But now none of the move lines are coming from the right direction.  For instance...I want the object to move in from the side left...and it comes in from the upper diagonal left.  I've restarted the program, restarted the computer...nothing seems to correct this issue.  Which is weird, because it was just working correctly yesterday.


Jimi it might be something specific you've set in the scribe.  If we can take a look then we can help.

Alternatively try a new scribe and see if it's the same.

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