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importing images as solid rather than outline


I'm importing a 'stick figure' but videoscribe is seeing the inner and outer of the outline rather than one solid.  So when its imported, its drawing it as two outlines, one for the outer edge and one for the inner.

I've tried transparencies, png, jpeg and svg but all do the same thing.

Any suggestions? Screen shot attached

Hi Kerry

As discussed when you rang, the format you need for best results for you is an SVG.  This is because you have a line drawing where you want the hand to actually draw the line rather than find the edges, which is what a jpg import will do.

Here's a great article on getting a good SVG:

One last thing to mention is that it is possible to export images from the VideoScribe library in order to edit them.  So, in the case of the stick figures already in the library, you could export one, make a few changes and then import it again as a new image.

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