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images blank

I was using sparkol easily until it updated its software several months ago.  Now I cannot upload /add images.  Each time it is teeny tiny, I expand it, and it is either all black or all white with no image at all. 

 I am very frustrated and will not renew my subscription this year unless someone can help me.  I am on a MAC.



So has this symptom been happening for months for you?

All images or specific images? library images or JPG or png or SVG images? Attach a problem image to your question so we can look at it.

Mike (videoscribe user)


Yes, I am just now re-trying. No images show .  It is blank in the text box below (but there is a box as if something is there) and it is blank up on main canvas.  I tried both from my desktop and the videoscribe library and the issue is the same.

I just did this below and it still does not work:

Delete the image library – MacClose VideoScribe if it's openNavigate to /Macintosh HD/Users/[your username]/Library/Preferences/VideoScribeDesktop/Local Store – [your username] refers to your Mac profile nameDelete the folder ‘Library’ in Local Store. 


Hi Kristen

I see you are using version 1 of the software.  The path that you have quoted should have worked for your issue on that version.  Was VideoScribe turned off when you did it?  Did VideoScribe take time to start up again, saying that it was 'downloading essential updates'?

Please do give it another go if there is any doubt.

Alternatively please download and install version 2 -


I'm a newbie with both Videoscribe and AI, but wasn't doing too badly until trying to do a new graphic just now. I managed to use my own SVG for an image yesterday and it worked fine. I followed exactly the same procedure just now and the image is not showing up when imported to VS. When it appears on the VS screen, the image bounding box is reduced to its tiniest size and, when expanded, nothing appears to be in it.

Can anyone help please? I suspect it will be something very simple that I've missed out. I've attached the SVG file here.


in illustrator:

1) use SAVE AS. don't use EXPORT TO SVG.
2) use the save setting suggested in the following thread:
Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

I did exactly as you say above. Yesterday it worked fine, but not today. I can't think of anything I've done differently.

can you attach the file from yesterday that works?

the file you attached contains code indicating it was exported instead of saved with the correct settings


also, you could try closing the scribe and opening a new blank scribe and importing the image to see if it shows up correctly in the empty scribe project.  It is possible that there is a problem either in that image or somewhere else in the project.


Hmm...I did play with it in Photoshop first and exported it as an SVG from there, but then went through the process in AI to make it drawable in VS and saved it from there as above. Would saving it through AI not be enough to make the file useable or will I have to begin again?

I've attached the one that worked - it's a bit big and could do with reducing in size. I can't remember if I put that one through PS first or not.  I'm much more familiar with PS and find AI annoyingly lacking in simple ways to do things like filling and cropping, so I tend to combine the two programs.

jay2.svg jay2.svg
602 KB

I tried with a new scribe but got the same result.


Hi Ann,
I tried it in videoscribe too and got the same result, so the problem is definitely with the SVG.

The "problematic" SVG contains some data that videoscribe just doesn't understand . Open it back up in illustrator, make sure it looks ok, and then save it again with the recommended settings mentioned in my previous post.

Because of the extra code, I cannot open it in my older version of illustrator. I can only view it in a text editor so I can't resave it for you.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike, but that's just what I did before. Although I exported it as an SVG from Photoshop, after that I processed it for VS through AI and saved it exactly as you detailed above. I've done it a couple more times since to be sure, but with the same result. It looks as though I'll have to start from scratch - again!

Hi Ann,

After a bit more research and testing, I was able to determine that the "problematic" file was saved with the "preserve illustrator editing capabilities" option checked instead of unchecked as shown in the previous options screenshot. The result is some extra code such as the code circled in the screenshot below:


Please open and re-save the file using all of the options shown in the SVG options screenshot.

When you import the new version into videoscribe, please be careful that you do not import it from the "recently used" thumbnails that show up first on the import menu. That would just reload the previously used bad version of the image. Instead, search through your hard drive for the new file.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Many thanks for your time Mike. 

I closed the image in AI, opened it afresh and saved it again and it works. The odd thing is that I didn't change anywthing. I don't know why the 'Preserve Illustrator editing' thing appeared to be checked before as I've never used it.

Anyway, the image loads and draws properly - well almost. VS draws round it twice for some reason. The first time it's quite fine and the second its the width of the stroke. Not sure what's going on there, but at least it is going on!

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