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Unable to get rid of Videoscribe logo - Pro User

I am a PRO User. But still able to find the Videoscribe logo on the canvas.

I recently installed the version 2.0.1. Previously I was using the older version

Is this the reason and it will take time to update ?

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Same for me - its in the way and I dont want it on my canvas. Please get rid of it. ....


In version 2.0 and 2.0.1 the logo is always on the canvas but it will not be there when you render if you have a Pro licence


I agree with Sumit and JP, the new logo placement is a good example of  seemingly arbitrary changes in version 2 from something better (logo smartly/intuitively located in the upper left corner in version 1) to something a little more confusing/annoying/distracting (placing the logo in the working canvas area so it looks like your video is watermarked in version 2)

Was there ever a problem or a complaint with the logo being in the upper left? Because the new location is confusing to some users and annoying to others.

I hope Sparkol will move the logo back to the top of the screen somewhere.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for your comments.

In this thread we've shown that the logo is no longer on the rendered video.

If you would like to add your voice to the idea to take it away from the canvas when in preview mode, please do so in the ideas section here: "Videoscribe Logo in the editing window"

Incidentally, the logo hasn't moved, just changed...


Ian (free the logo?)

Just to be clear:

In version 1.3.26 The logo is NOT on the canvas in working mode or in preview mode (at least with a paying membership it is not there). Putting it there was one of the undesirable changes made in more recent versions.

If anyone else would like to see the logo removed from the work area, click "LIKE" in this suggestion thread:


There wasn't any logo in the working area/canvas before rendering too. I have been a Pro use since a long time. 

@ Mike, I have liked the other topic. I would love to get it removed. It seems pretty odd to find the logo on the canvas

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